Visualization is a diverse and powerful tool for golfers that has so many uses besides visualizing a shot in your pre-shot routine or making a putt. One key to success in golf is staying away from thoughts about the score, and focusing the mind more on what creates that score; getting the ball in the hole and making birdies. In this article we will explore how you can use visualization during a round of golf to develop a birdie-minded focus, improve performance, and lower your score. One effective way of directing your mind towards success and creating a birdie-minded focus on the course is by doing Reverse Visualization. It is important to know that when we set out to achieve a goal that the human mind works backwards. Our mind first starts with the end goal and then works back through the steps that make that a reality. For example, when you plan a vacation, you don't start the process by packing first. This would be impossible to do because you would have no idea what to bring with you. The first step in planning a vacation is determining the destination and then you work backwards to figure out the means to getting there. You look at the month and days you will travel. Then you book an airline ticket. As the trip gets closer, you check the weather, pack your suitcase, and finally off you go. Another example is when you set out to go see a friend at their house. You wouldn't focus on how to get out of your driveway or think too much about which turns to make. Instead you maintain a mental image on your end destination in your mind and the rest naturally seems to take care of itself. The same thing holds true on the golf course. Let's go over the process of reverse visualization on the golf course so you can use your mind more effectively, focus on making birdies, and improve your performance. When you get on the tee box, start by taking a deep cleansing breath, exhale slowly through your mouth, and let your mind relax. With your eyes open or closed, visualize yourself standing on the green and tapping in for birdie. Then visualize backwards from the green by mentally tracing the line of the shot back to the spot you took the shot on the fairway. Imagine the type of shot you hit, your swing, and the club you used on this approach shot. Finally, visualize backwards from the spot in the fairway by mentally tracing the shot back to the tee box. Again, imagine your swing, the ball flight, and the club used to achieve this tee shot. Do this process of reverse visualization on every hole to prepare your mind to perform followed by your normal pre-shot routine when it's you turn to tee off.